Some Of The Best Films For Car Lovers

If you are ever wondering what to get a car lover for a birthday or Christmas or just as a whatever gift, try a classic car-related flick! These movies are some of the best films for car lovers:

  • Days Of Thunder (1991) This movie will prove especially entertaining for NASCAR fans, though might find it hard to believe Tom Cruise as a NASCAR driver. But that’s the whole point. His character is from California and just as seemingly unfit. The fun comes as he tries to prove himself.

  • The Fast And Furious (2001) Though the franchise now comprises seven movies, this one is responsible for starting it all. It’s about a cop who has to covertly infiltrate a street racing group. The film is not short on spectacular racing scenes.

  • Drive (2011) The taciturn lead character seems to know one thing and one thing only: driving. Well, there is one more thing; he seems to have an ability handle himself a little too well in a fight, which makes you wonder about his past. Though he tries to make good with a young mother and her son, his taste for crime might get the best of him.

    • Cars (2006) Granted, this is an animated movie, but it’s a Pixar animated movie, meaning it’s going to be an extremely well-told story with an ending that brings tears to your eyes. A local car named Lightning McQueen is charged with repairing a city’s streets after he destroys them racing. It’s fun for all ages!

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