Tahoe Police Vehicles to Replace Entire Ventura County Fleet

Chevrolet has always had an impressive and strong relationship with various police departments and law enforcement offices all across the country. They’ve got a bunch of new Tahoe police vehicles right now, too, and they are soon to replace the entire Ventura County police fleet. The new Tahoe PPV will soon be used on police patrols in the county.

It’s exciting for both the Ventura County police and for us here at Boose Chevrolet—it’s quite a conquest to take over an entire fleet. But, when you hear about the PPV’s capability, it simply makes sense. “The safety and ergonomics of the 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe PPV are the key reasons for the sheriff’s department and our fleet operations team choosing this vehicle to replace their current patrol vehicles,” said Peter Bednar, County of Ventura Fleet Operations manager. “The visibility from the vehicle allows deputies to better spot incidents and react faster.”

This new full-size SUV police vehicle has four-wheel-drive capability and it’s also the only body-on-frame truck-based vehicle on the police vehicle market. Those capabilities make it the perfect vehicle for a rapid response and keep drivers in complete control in all situations.

Come see us here at Boose to check out the normal version of the Tahoe today. Trust us, it’s still an amazing vehicle with great capability and a beautiful design, inside and out. You might not get to take part in any high speed chases—but you can always have your kids pretend for you in the backseat. Check one out today!

Tahoe Police Vehicles Tahoe Police Vehicles

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