100 Million Chevrolet Spark Units Have Sold Worldwide

Chevrolet has hit the 100-million mark with the 2015 Spark, officially selling over 100 million units of the vehicle worldwide. The mini-car is particularly popular with young buyers, many of whom have made it their first vehicle.

It’s no surprise that the vehicle has been such a success, given its fantastic fuel-efficiency. In fact, the 2015 Chevy Spark was just listed at the top of the EPA’s Most Fuel-Efficient Cars. Others on the list include the Nissan Leaf and Toyota Prius.

The Spark sells in more than 70 countries worldwide, leading its sales in South Korea, the United States, and Mexico and following the ubiquitous “small-car” trend that is so popular with city-dwellers and new drivers.

According to Alan Batey, executive vice president of Global Chevrolet, “Our small cars – Spark, Sonic and Cruze – attract more new car buyers to Chevrolet than any other vehicles in the lineup, with more than 60 percent of buyers never owning a Chevy before.”

At Boose Chevrolet, we’re not surprised to hear that 100 million Chevrolet Spark units that have been sold. Come on down and check out our many available Chevrolet models today.

100 million Chevrolet Spark units

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