Can The 2015 Chevrolet Impala Pass the Car Seat Check?

If you are a parent choosing a new vehicle, the number one priority is the safety of your children. No cargo could get any more precious. At some point in your search, the question becomes: how well will my new vehicle incorporate a car seat? How easy it is to install and remove a child seat? Luckily, has addressed these questions. The answer? The 2015 Chevrolet Impala, a new model that passes the car seat check with flying colors.

The latest-generation Impala rolled out back in 2013. Since then, you could almost say it’s been made exclusively for hauling offspring. tells us that it “comfortably” fits two car seats in the backseat. Truth be told, the fine folks at had a lot to like about the Impala.

“The two sets of Latch anchors are easy to access and we appreciate the middle seat’s bonus additional anchor.” This gives the parents the ability to place a car seat in the middle backseat position. found that the forward-facing convertible, rear-facing convertible and infant car seat all to be very easy install.

Come down to Boose Chevrolet and see for yourself how the new Chevrolet Impala is family-friendly!

car seat check

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