Chevy Byproducts Used to Create Artificial Bat Caves

General Motors is doing their part to preserve a threatened bat species in North America. The auto giant seems to have a special interest in bats, as earlier this year, Chevy Volt battery covers were used to create homes for bats. Now, Chevy is hoping that an adhesive byproduct created during production can be used to create artificial bat caves.

After the adhesive is processed, it can be used to create fake stalactites in artificial bat caves. Currently, several organizations, such as Bat Conservation International and the Organization for Bat Conservation, are reviewing GM’s application.

Unfortunately, 5.7 million bats have died due to a deadly fungus called white-nose syndrome. The fungus causes them to wake up from hibernation too frequently, which turns out to be fatal. The fake stalactites create more surface area where the bats can hang, giving them more space in the cave, and are less likely to spread the disease.

But why bats? Here at Boose Chevrolet, we understand you might think bats are scary, but in reality, they are an incredibly important part of our ecosystem. In fact, each one of those creepy creatures eats over 5,000 insects each and every night, allowing farmers to use less pesticides. Think about that next time you cringe at the sight of one. I mean, those ears are kind of cute, right?

Artificial Bat Caves

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