Body Shop Paint Service: Getting a Fresh Coat of Paint

The exterior of your car takes a beating from the elements every day, and it can also be damaged by fender benders or more serious accidents. That’s why you should consider the body shop paint service at Reichard Chevrolet. Painting your car can not only give it a fresh look, but it can also prevent rust and other long-term damage.

According to Edmunds, it can sometimes be hard to find a body shop with a good reputation. Painting a car requires expertise in several areas, from metalwork to artistic skills. When done well, your car will look flawless; when done poorly, your car will stand out—in a bad way. A good paint job means there are no visible scratches or dents, no overspray, and a consistent coating. Even simply matching the colors can require special tools.

body shop paint service

Why should you consider a new paint job? First, painting your car gives it a fresh look. If you’d like to switch colors or simply cover up some nasty dings and dents, then painting and body work can actually increase the value of your car. No one wants to buy a faded, scratched vehicle. Second, painting prevents the metal from rusting, which extends the life of your car.

body shop paint service

Englewood has a city ordinance that does not allow cars to be painted within city limits. So, if you’d like to paint your car, Reichard Chevrolet is one of your best options. We do high-quality work for affordable prices—two of the best reasons to stop by today.

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