The 2017 Chevy Volt: Efficient Technologies

The 2017 Volt is setting new standards in the industry. This model comes with an innovative hybrid-electric powertrain in order to improve efficiency without sacrificing power. The new Volt has also been developed to provide an affordable alternative-energy design without sacrificing quality or range. Read on to learn about the ways the 2017 Volt is redefining the industry.

2017 Chevy Volt


The electric powertrain consists of a gasoline-powered generator and a charging system, a system that develops electricity for the electric motor. This is different than many designs that use electric motors to supplement the power from a central gas engine. In the Volt design, which is ultimately more efficient, the electric motor is at the center of the system. You can also charge your Volt to use pure electricity as well.

The Volt can go 53 miles on pure electricity and up to 420 miles on a full tank of gas and full charge. Believe it or not, you can go 1,000 miles between fill-ups.

2017 Chevy Volt

Battery and Tech

At the heart of the Volt is its lithium-ion battery system, designed to store electricity better than the previous generation. Volt engineers also devised ways to get added electricity for more mileage, including the intelligent regenerative braking and Regen on Demand systems. These technologies use momentum in order to charge the battery. So, for example, as you decelerate, your car builds up that energy. In the Volt, nothing goes to waste.


The new 2017 Volt comes with a small gas engine, powerful electric motor, and a plug-in system for quick charging. An advanced battery stores power for up to 53 miles of pure electricity, while new technologies let you charge as you drive. Learn more about this model at Reichard Chevrolet.

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