Fun Things to Do in a Truck

Whether you drive a big heavy-duty Silverado 3500HD, a small Colorado, or something in between, we all know that pickup trucks are fun. While they might be designed to tackle the toughest jobs, they are also meant to head out on adventures, too. Here are some of the most fun things to do in a truck in the Dayton area.

  • Go to a drive-in. There’s nothing quite like watching a movie out under the stars. This summer, take your truck and head to the Melody 49 Drive-In in Brookville. Bring your pickup and lots of blankets and pillows to easily turn the bed into a cozy movie-watching nest.
  • Go camping. There is no easier way to pack up all your camping gear than in the bed of your pickup. You can even go all out and get a truck tent that fits right into the bed. You’ll never have to worry about sleeping on top of a rock again. Hocking Hills is just a two hour drive from Brookville and is the perfect place to camp in Ohio.
  • Pack up your tackle box and rods in your truck bed and head to your favorite fishing hole. And, you won’t have to worry about your truck interior smelling like fish.
  • All your hunting equipment and any animals you catch will easily fit in your truck bed. And cleaning up after the hunt will be easier than ever when you can just hose down your bed.

What is your favorite summertime activity with your truck?

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