The Best Miniature Golf Courses in Dayton

As we enter the warmer months of spring and summer, now is the perfect time to take part in some great outdoor activities. One of the most enjoyable of those activities for the entire family is a round of miniature golf. Fortunately, the Dayton area is filled with amazing miniature golf courses. We’ve assembled a list of the best miniature golf courses in Dayton to help you find the perfect course for you and your family.

Miniature Golf Courses in Dayton

  1. The Magic Castle

In addition to an enjoyable arcade and entertainment center, the Magic Castle also houses a fantasy-themed mini golf course that is simply magical!

  1. Adventure Golf

Adventure Golf is home to not one, but two thrilling miniature golf courses that takes guests on an incredible journey.

  1. Udders and Putters at Young’s Jersey Dairy

What could be better than miniature golf? What about miniature golf and a delicious serving of Young’s Jersey Dairy’s world-famous ice cream? That seems like a winning combination to us!

  1. Scene 75 Mini Golf Courses

The miniature golf courses featured inside Dayton’s massive Scene 75 entertainment center let you putt in the dark, surrounded by colorful lights.

We hope that you will find these fun miniature golf courses to be on par with exactly what you and your family are looking for this spring!

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