Five Rivers MetroParks –Enjoy the Outdoors

Dayton is proud to contain many MetroParks throughout the region. These areas protect the natural heritage and provide people with outdoor experiences.

The Five Rivers MetroParks was established in 1963 and has continued to thrive over the years. Over 15,000 acres of grasslands, wetlands, forests, and farmlands have been protected.

There are many MetroParks throughout Montgomery County, each with unique aspects. Click on the links to learn more about each park.

  • 2nd St. Market– An indoor shopping market featuring local foods and goods
  • Aullwood Garden– A nationally recognized, historic estate garden
  • Carriage Hill– Farm life from the 1880s portrayed
  • Cox Arboretum– 189-acre facility with specialty gardens, prairies, a pond, and many flower gardens
  • Deeds Point– Located where the Mad River and Great Miami meet, this park provides great views of the rivers and downtown Dayton
  • Eastwood– Walking trails, fishing, and picnicking all options at this park
  • Englewood– One of the five natural areas created as flood control
  • Germantown– Scenic trails for hiking and an underground Nature Center make this park a unique place of accessible wilderness
  • Hills & Dales– A historic urban park since 1907
  • Huffman– Bird watching is popular here around the Huffman Dam and lake
  • Island– Park for community events, picnics, and a water playground
  • Possum Creek– 556 acres perfect for the naturalist, family, or hiker
  • RiverScape– Activities for all ages, including concerts, ice-skating, festivals, and more
  • Sugarcreek– Enjoy hiking through tall prairie grass and woods, stopping to look at the two surviving 550-year-old oak trees
  • Sunrise– Small urban park with views of Dayton
  • Taylorsville– Wooded ravines, massive rock outcroppings, and historic ruins are found in this 1,300-acre park
  • Twin Creek – Excellent place to observe wildlife with the 1000-acre meadows and trees
  • Wegerzyn Gardens– Formal garden and children’s discovery garden
  • Wesleyan – A natural area situated on Wolf Creek

We at Reichard Chevrolet hope you and your family enjoy spending time in the many wonderful Dayton MetroParks. If you need a vehicle to get to the different MetroParks, stop in at Reichard Chevrolet and we will help you find the perfect vehicle.

Five Rivers MetroParks

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