The New Chevy Bolt: Making Electric Cars Available to All

Have you been considering an electric car but are worried that they are too expensive? Or are you worried you drive too far to own an electric vehicle? Chevy has a solution for you with the new Chevy Bolt.

The new Chevy Bolt started as a concept car, but is now being released as a follow-up car to the Chevy Volt. This will be an affordable long-range electric vehicle complete with advanced technology such as GPS routing and mobile apps. These apps can be used to predict driving range based on weather, inclines along route, and driving habits.

The biggest strength of the all-electric Chevy Bolt is that it can take a 200 mile trip without recharging. The Volt can do about 53 miles on electric before switching to gasoline.

With all these great features and ranges, you may think it will be an expensive car. However, you would be wrong. The expected sticker price after tax incentives is around $30,000. This is much cheaper than other electric cars with comparable ranges.

If you have been considering owning an electric car, but have been hesitating, let the Chevy Bolt help your decision process. With an affordable sticker price, and a long distance range, the Chevy Bolt is making electric cars an available option for all people.

Stop by Reichard Chevrolet to talk with someone and place an order for the all-new electric Chevy Bolt.

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