2016 Camaro SS Specs Better than Anticipated

When Chevrolet announced the specs for the 2016 Camaro SS, performance lovers went wild in anticipation for the improved, next-generation performance car. Its lighter weight and under-the-hood enhancements made the Camaro SS specs stand out in its segment, though with a legendary, iconic family name like ‘Chevy Camaro,’ no one expected any different. Recently, the 2016 Camaro SS blew enthusiasts’ mind even more, when tests conducted not only confirmed Chevy’s claimed specs, but showed that the Camaro is capable of more than previously expected.


Here’s the thing about performance cars – drivers typically expect there to be a 15 percent loss between the claimed engine specifications and what the vehicle is actually capable of. Chevrolet announced the 2016 Camaro SS would have 455 hp, so buyers should, by rule of thumb, expect to only get about 387 hp out of the car. However, after recent testing with a dynamometer, car specialists have discovered that the Camaro SS has an actual output of 405.2 hp.


The impressive Camaro SS specs are being attributed to the LT1 V8 engine package, which, after showing similar power and performance advantages in the Corvette Stingray, appears to have a leg up over the competition in the sports car class.

Camaro SS Specs

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