Things You Never Learned in Driver’s Ed

When it comes to driving, most of us just sort of learned as we went. To help fill in those holes in your education, here are a few things you never learned in Driver’s Ed.

# 1 – As Popular Mechanics explains, most single-car crashes that end in the driver losing his or her life have to do with something called “over-correction.” Your right wheel veers off the pavement or onto the rumble strips. Startled, you jerk the steering wheel to the left which sets off a dangerous chain reaction. Instead, if this happens, gently ease back into your lane.

# 2 – Does your windshield fog up and no matter what you do, you can’t seem to clear it? Try this trick: turn the AC on full blast and engage the fresh air button (as opposed to the circulation button). This will immediately lower the humidity in the cabin and the fog on your windshield will magically disappear!

# 3 – Plan your escape routes! This is a tactic taught to motorcycle drivers. One of the best situations is when you are approaching an intersection at high speed. Spot the other cars looking to turn. Keep an eye on their wheels. Braking is often the best route to take but sometimes you can have options to go on the shoulder or onto the grassy median.

Driving is like any skill—you never stop learning! Be willing to criticize yourself and notice mistakes and you should notice your driving improve considerably.

things you never learned in driver’s ed

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