GM Invests in Milford Proving Ground, New Safety Test Facility

If you never believed that General Motors was committed to making the safest automobiles on the road then its new research center should do the trick. Located northwest of Detroit in Michigan, the Milford Proving Ground is where GM plans to test its most advanced safety technologies.

As Mark Reuss, head of global product development, says, GM’s goal is for the automaker’s brands “to be the first brands customers think of when they think about safety and buying a new vehicle.”

In line with that goal, GM is launching 22 active safety technologies in various 2016 models. One technology allows for automated braking in the event of an impending frontal collision; another is a pedestrian alert system that can recognize pedestrians and brake accordingly.

To properly test active-safety systems, you need a lot of space. The Milford Proving Ground is 52 acres and comprises “an observation building with a robotic control station, 16-acre area for testing automated vehicles and robot-controlled vehicles, tunnel simulator, area for highway simulations and areas for parking and pedestrian tests,” according to The Detroit News.

GM reportedly invested $52 million in the new facility.

Milford proving ground

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