Great Road Trip Destinations for the Chevy Lover


There’s nothing like a great American summer road trip. While it’s just as much the journey as the destination, it’s still important go somewhere that piques your interest! If you are a Chevrolet lover, we’ve got a few great road trip destinations that will definitely be worth the trip.



Located in Decatur, Illinois, the Chevy Hall of Fame features tons of classic Chevy vehicles and fascinating exhibits. You can see Chevrolet race cars, classic Indy Pace Cars, and show cars.



There’s an entire museum dedicated to the Corvette, which a lot of people would consider the pinnacle of Chevrolet design and engineering. Located in Bowling Green, Kentucky, the National Corvette Museum features hundreds of Corvettes. Eat at the Corvette Cafe and make a day of it! Also, while you’re in Bowling Green, take a tour of the Corvette Assembly Plant, where every Corvette is manufactured.



There are over 600 models of Chevy cars and trucks at the Heritage Center located in Sterling Heights, Michigan. The 81,000 square foot facility is filled with the cool concept cars, milestone models, and other fascinating Chevy masterpieces. Tours are by reservation only.

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