New Rooftop Solar Array Makes Spark EV Even More Efficient

A common concern (or misconception, rather) regarding electric vehicles is that building them requires too much energy and resources to make their roadside benefits worthwhile.

That’s not actually true, though it’s not stopping Chevrolet from trying to make the Spark EV even more efficient than ever.

The automaker’s manufacturing plant in Maryland—called General Motors Baltimore Operations—features a large rooftop solar array in a newly LEED-certified building that can generate 580 kilowatts of energy. Combined with the 1.23-megawatt solar array on its ground, about 6 percent of the facility’s electricity comes from renewable sources.

In addition, the General Motors Baltimore Operations earned the “Game Changer” award from the Maryland Energy Administration for its microgrid charging technology, which uses solar power to charge the facility’s fleet of Chevrolet Volts or to support the town’s electricity grid.

“We believe the future is electric, and strive to ensure our manufacturing process reflects the clean efficiency of these vehicles,” said plant manager Bill Tiger. “We’re always looking for better ways to power our future.”

So if you’re ever checking out the Spark EV at Reichard Chevrolet, you can rest assured that even the way it was built was clean!

rooftop solar array

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