Jeff Gordon Sets the Pace for the Indy 500 Race in Chevy Corvette Z06

Jeff Gordon is no stranger to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway where the Indy 500 race takes place. This time, rather than racing down the track, Gordon will be setting the pace from behind the wheel of the Chevy Corvette Z06.

The race is scheduled to take place on May 24, and this will be the 13th time the Corvette will grace the track as a pace car for the highly anticipated event.

“It’s great to have Jeff Gordon serve as this year’s pace car driver,” said Jim Campbell, Chevy’s U.S. vice president of performance vehicles and motorsports.

“He is a true champion who has earned the respect and admiration of competitors and race fans alike. It will be very special to have Jeff lead the Indy 500 field to the green flag, behind the wheel of the most powerful and capable production car ever from Chevrolet — on a day he’ll also be competing in the Coca Cola 600 NASCAR race at Charlotte Motor Speedway.”

The Corvette packs a 650-horsepower punch matched to a seven-speed manual transmission.

As a production model, you could purchase the very same Z06 from us here at Boose Chevrolet and get a taste of what it will feel like for Gordon when he paces the track. We can’t help you out with the official Indy 500 graphics, however.

Indy 500 race

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