Find New Roads Concept Debut Sparks a Roar of Enthusiasm

The auto-bot super car of the future made its appearance at the Shanghai GM Gala Night. Revealing a concept aimed at mobility of the future, the Chevrolet Find New Roads Concept debut brought us face-to-face with a fully-autonomous intelligent car straight out of a sci-fi thriller.

The Chevrolet Find New Roads (FNR) car centers around GM’s mastery of zero-emission technology and delves into the use of driverless interfaces with the use of GPS, multiple sensors, and a roof-mounted radar system to guide the car. Amazingly, in auto-mode, the driver’s seat can pivot 180-degrees to face backwards.

The futuristic design of the car makes a bold impression as well. From its crystal laser headlights and taillights to the dual-swinging dragonfly doors, the FNR’s body is wrapped in glass and looks as though it comes from another dimension. Even its wheels are magnetic and hub-less and the electric charging takes place wirelessly.

While the cars we sell at Boose Chevrolet still require drivers, the technology and ergonomics that Chevy has infused into them are no less impressive. Make your way in for a test drive today.



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