Corvette and Silverado Parked Atop Chevrolet Fountain in Comerica Park

Chevrolet hoisted a Velocity Yellow Corvette Z06 and a Silverado Midnight Edition atop the Chevrolet Fountain in Comerica Park to celebrate Opening Day.

The process, which takes about three hours by crane, has become something of a tradition over the last six years.

Every year, just in time for the home opener at Comerica Park in Detroit, Chevrolet lifts one or more of its hottest vehicles atop the fountain. The fountain is an important part of baseball culture in Detroit for playing a roaring sound every time the Tigers score a homerun.

We prefer cheering for the Reds here at Boose Chevrolet, but we have to admit it’s still a pretty cool feature!

“As the Official Vehicle of Major League Baseball, what better way could Chevrolet show our love of the game than by giving our vehicles a bird’s eye view of our hometown team?” asked Paul Edwards, vice president, Chevrolet marketing.

Chevrolet Fountain in Comerica Park

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